Jan 29, 2013

IVP Swimming Championship 2013

Last weekend, swimmers from all across the various institutes gathered at the Singapore Sports School for the Annual IVP (Institute Varsity Polytechnic) Swimming Championship, hosted by Singapore Polytechnic.

The SIM Swim Team put up a stellar performance at the competition, clinching the Women’s Champion Trophy, and combined team overall 3rd, with 11 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze.  The Women’s relay team, comprising of Tao Li, Mylene Ong, Koh Tingting, Cassandra Chua and Lee Dan Dan, led the team with a series of record breaking performance, sweeping all the women’s relay events in record time, while bagging medals in their respective individual events. This championship serves as a pivotal start to the swim season, as the team enters the new year in high spirit and jubilation.

Great job Team SIM! Swim on!
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