Jan 4, 2013

Blessed 2013!

Nope, 2012 did not flash past in a blink of eye. In fact, I was having much trouble trying to recall if the photos I’ve chosen were taken in 2011 or 2012! Well, maybe it’s just age catching up with me. Ha! But yes, 2012 has been a rather long stretch for me – sitting for my final paper, graduating, preparing for interviews, working, and catching up on my much-deprived social life – possibly offering a plausible explanation for my long hiatus the past few months (Ex*cough*cuses!) However, in the midst of all that, I have been graciously blessed with the opportunity to join Multifolds – a Singapore-based photography company, allowing me to fulfill my life-long dream of being a (wedding) photographer. While juggling both my day job and my assignments sure ain't easy, the joy of doing what I truly love makes all those long nights of researching and editing all worth it. That said, I’m thankful for all the encouragements, advices and (constructive) criticisms I have received over the years. And to those who've been following this space, you've all been a true blessing. Thank you!

Sitting on the edge of 2012, I’m looking at 2013 with much anticipation and excitement. Though it is going to be another year of hard work, I’m thrilled by the opportunities it has to offer – new projects, fresh ideas, and fun-loving couples. Hopefully, with ample time and opportunity, I will be able to wipe the dust off my film camera, and hit the streets once again. As much as I appreciate the practicality and functionality of the pixels, the colour and tones a film produces is still unmatched. And the challenge of capturing that special yet often fleeting moment is still my biggest ecstasy. So yes, getting back on it shall my goal for this new year J

That said, I would like to end of this long yet amazing year, with a simple collage with some of my personal favourites from 2012. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone, and have a blessed 2013! 

Best of 2012

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